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360Win – win free cash and prizes

A new FREE online gaming site that you can win free cash and prizes.
It’s free to join and if you share this opportunity, *WHEN THEY WIN YOU WIN and the best thing about this is that you don’t part with one penny. This has never been done before.
Join Link – 360win JoinToday

Steps – for 360win setup
This is a message from Corp:
“When you sign up and then login go to your affiliate or referral and make sure that you have filled in the questionnaire and that you are approved, and agree to the terms and conditions of the affiliate agreement. Click on Refer and right below, on Become an Affiliate.
DO NOT post your link on Facebook. We have a way for you to get your link on Facebook but it isn’t ready yet. As soon as we have the completed image, we will provide a very effective way for you to promote your link, but until then please do not post your link in Facebook, they may block you.”
Some STEPS just made for you:
Paste my link into your browser: https://360win.com/JoinToday/ 
1. When the main page opens click on Register (Top right)
2. Completely fill in your profile (the person who referred you should be steveraj12)
3. Click register. You’ll get a message that a confirmation email was sent with user id and password.
4. Get logged in and click on profile (top right corner)
5. To upgrade to affiliate status click the “Refer” button.
6. In order to be become a member of our Affiliate program you must fill out both questionnaires and agree to our TERMS & CONDITIONS.
7. Fill in the Basic and Lifestyle
8. Go back into Profile and refer. ** VERY IMPORTANT ** Read and agree to the affiliate program terms and conditions. Carefully read about ADVERTISING and SOCIAL MEDIA.
Corp will have advertising material availabl soon. Also they are working on a button in your backoffice to share on Facebook. This will be acceptable to FB Police and the link will not get blacklisted.
FOR NOW PLEASE ONLY SHARE YOUR LINK PRIVATELY via EMAIL you build your team of players.

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