Earn $100 in 7 Days (or Less) Challenge


A very warm welcome from me, I am the admin of this group and you will find we have several earning options available here.

The first one is based on recruiting others to join a company that has been going for over 18 years. The company provides website hosting and marketing tools (this we can use to create an income generating website for you)

The other option will be based around affiliate marketing.

For both of these options we keep things very simple for you. We post in the group daily with an advert for you to share. We can also guide you in how to respond to requests for information.

We are happy to help EVERYONE to learn how to make $100 per day by posting on Facebook.

Sept 9 is the first day of our earning $100 a day campaign!

I do hope you have been taking part already….. you can do that WITHOUT even signing up to our team.

So how does the challenge work?

Basically you post in Facebook groups each day using the post that I have provided for you each day. I advise turning ON the notifications for this group so you can see them and don’t miss important updates or videos provided by Ellie Murphy.

When you get people interested in joining in you add them as a friend if possible and then add them to this group.

The link to this group is: https://trimurl.co/residualincomegroup

Please tag your new group members on this post so they understand how the group works…… I will also be doing videos etc to explain more such as how to qualify for extra bonus payments.

After you tag people on this post I will explain everything to your new group members and answer any questions people have. When they are ready to actually join our team then they will be directed back to you for your referral link…..

How do you earn the $100 per day? Initially it is about finding 5 people to sign up and become active team members. That can qualify you for $100 bonus payments (for EACH 5 people). Our opportunity also builds income over time so you can still earn $100 a day WITHOUT doing the recruiting each day.

When you sign up to the team you will be asked to create a domain name – this means I can create an income generating website for you (or tell you how to do it yourself). This will give you additional income streams – we can discuss that more one to one and we can include ANY opportunities you want.

You will also be asked to provide payment details when you sign up. The website package costs $10 per month (which can easily be covered just from sharing the website I make for you). There is no payment taken for 7 days.

Have questions? Just ask 🙂 We will happily answer them!

If you are ready to actually join the team and start earning with us please let us know – You should contact the person who added you to this group first if possible and ask for their referral link…..

Details of the Affiliate Product {GDI – Bonus / Earning Steps} is here

View here – https://goo.gl/xTE7tU


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