How To Set Up Automated System for Pick and Profit

To set up the fully automated system for Pick and Profit you will need the following: 

Upgraded Leadsleap Account – Click Here To Join

Leadsleap is needed for capture pages, email follow ups and automated traffic. 

GDI account – Click Here To Join

GDI account is needed for blog posts, which show screenshots of earnings, and provide guidance to your refs etc.  

Upgraded Pick and Profit account – Click Here To Join

Main earning account/product to promote.  Though you will start earning from EVERY site mentioned on this blog post if you work on promoting this system consistently.

Set it up to start running on autopilot for the best results!

How To Set Up Your System on Autopilot for Daily Cash

First Step

The first thing you should do is upgrade Pick and Profit.  This is so you will earn higher level income straight away.  

Free members only earn $0.02 for each email collected so it is much better to have at least the $2.95 upgrade.  With that you will earn $0.10 per collected email and $1 per verified email ($1.10 total for each email address).  

If you also take the full website upgrade ($67 per year), then you will also qualify for $25 commissions in addition to the email collection payments.  As we will be encouraging ALL of your leads to take the full upgrade, the earlier you do this the better so you don’t miss out on commissions.  

If you do not have the funds to do the full upgrade yet, then you can earn first and upgrade later.  Do make it a priority though as it will increase your earnings substantially.  

Step 2

The next thing you need to do is create a copy of this blog post using GDI.  

To set up your blog account on GDI, log in to your account and click on the WordPress and More tab. On that page turn on the blog option – I recommend you use the primary domain option for this.  It will take around 1 hour for your WordPress blog to be ready for using.  

When it is ready, create a new blog post and copy everything on this post across to your own blog post so you can share it with your leads.  

If you need guidance on setting up your blog you can find the information here:

How To Set Up A WordPress Blog

How to start a Blog with GDI

Step 3

This is the step that is going to start automating your system for you.  Make sure you follow the instructions as provided: 

You need to import the capture pages first of all into your Leadsleap account.  You do this with codes so it is very simple and quick to complete.  

Click Here For A List of Capture Pages and Codes

Next, you need to import the email follow ups into your Leadsleap account as well.  Again you do this with codes.  

The emails provided will have my personal links included, so you need to edit them to provide your own links instead.  

After editing the emails, you need to connect the capture pages to the follow up emails.  If you do not do this then your leads will not receive your emails which encourage them to follow the system.  

Check your capture page is correctly set up and connected to your email follow ups by entering your own details in the capture page form.  You should receive 2 emails almost immediately if it is working correctly.

Step 4

The last step in the process is to set up the advertising to promote your capture pages.  I recommend you start with promoting on Leadsleap itself first, then keep adding advertising as and when you can.  If you want to start off with free ad accounts then you can do so, but you will have a lot of work to do viewing ads for credits.  I prefer to work on a small set of upgraded accounts and add more when I have earned the funds to do the upgrades.  This is what will automate the system for you completely.  

The following traffic sites are getting me really good results: 


Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Mailer Boost

Elite List Building

Traffic Monsoon


Building to $100 a Day

With a system like this you can easily build your earnings up to $100 a day.  It will not happen overnight unless you already have a lot of advertising accounts which will run the system for you.  

I recommend you aim for earning $1 – $5 per day first of all.  

The only thing you need to do is keep adding traffic sources to get leads joining your email list.  The more traffic you have going to your capture pages the more leads you will get.  The more leads you get the more you will earn……. Its really as simple as that.  

Put a little of your earnings back into the system for more and more traffic and this system will keep on building to higher and higher levels for you.

The only way to fail is to not promote your capture pages daily.

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