LeadsLeap Profit System Custom Pages

Here is a custom page you can use for the system.

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Under the page is a share code that you can use with the LeadsLeap Page Builder.

You can then import the page into your own account and edit the page with your own headlines etc.

Share Code: fNVwktVkU

How To Use The Import Codes

Log in to your LeadsLeap account and click the “Page Manager” option under “Page Builder” on the left-hand menu.

Now click the “Add a new campaign” button.

A popup will now appear and you can enter the name of the new campaign and click the “Add Now” button to create.

Once the campaign is added click the “+” button to import a page.

Enter your share code from one of the pages above and then click the “Import Now” button to import the page into the campaign.

Now click the “Launch Editor” button to edit the newly imported page.

Once the editor has loaded click the join button on the splash page.

Now enter your LeadsLeap referral link into the “Go To” input field.

You can now edit the page as you see fit and then make sure to click the green save button in the top right.

You can now close the editor and remember to activate the page by clicking the “Activate this page” link.

You can now promote your new page using the campaign link.

Send Traffic To Your Tracking Link

Now simply promote your tracking link at your favourite traffic sites and watch as your LeadsLeap credits and commissions grow daily!

Earn Your Daily Active Bonus

How does it work?

Simply view a minimum of 10 ads or Associates’ Messages in a day. The total credits you’ve earned from all sources in that day will be converted into cash.

What is the credit-cash conversion ratio?

There is no fixed conversion ratio. LeadsLeap share 5% of their average daily earning with members who qualifies, 10% if you are a Pro Member.

You can view your status for the day by clicking on “Daily Active Bonus” under the “Money” section on the menu.

Earn With Credit Encashment

Click “Credit Encashment” under the “Money” section on the menu.

This is where you can convert unused credits into cash. Credit encashment is LeadsLeap credit buyback scheme, i.e. they buy back credits from members who have nothing to advertise.

Cash Encashment Terms

  1. You need a minimum of 50 credits before you can encash.
  2. Limited to maximum 1 conversion a day.
  3. The encash amount is your total credits rounded up to the nearest 50.
  4. The encashed value varies depending on the amount of credits you are encashing. Basically the more credits you encash, the lesser the encash value per credit. Hence we encourage you to encash as soon as you can.

Promotional Materials

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