Team Building the Easy Way

One of the things that seems to stump people when they want to work online is Team Building.  To be honest I think that relates back to the old fashioned invite your friends and family to join you system.  Many people hate that.

I hated it too!

Instead of doing that, I personally prefer the much easier and faster, not to mention less embarrassing, traffic site method.

The traffic site method to me makes a lot more sense for several reasons:

  • Everyone on a traffic site already does the work online thing
  • People who use traffic sites already know how to promote
  • Traffic sites can add additional income streams that compliment any opportunity
  • They are easy to use and completely duplicatable
  • You don’t have to try and convince people to join your team – its automated
  • You can use traffic sites for free, or pay a small amount to get completely automated recruiting

The power of using traffic sites is obvious when you look at my team growth for Timebucks:

How to Register on Timebucks

You can use Timebucks on a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

Simply click on my referral link here: and you will be on the sign up page. You can choose to sign up using Facebook, or your email address and a password that you choose. Its just a simple form to complete as you can see below. Make sure you tick the I’m not a robot captcha box and click the green sign up now button.

Note that you can only have ONE account on Timebucks.

The traffic sites that I use are all detailed in Step 4 – They work like clockwork!

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